The Medicine is YOU

The Medicine is YOU

What you have learned so completely matters.
What you keep dreaming about matters.
The times you have soared matter.
The times that have brought you to your knees matter.
The lens through which you are seeing the world right now—the thought that keeps circling, the idea that keeps grabbing your attention—matters.
And it is medicine for the rest of us.




After months of pandemic-focus on things that are most necessary, it felt good to pare down even more. One pants, one shirt, one jacket, one hat, one book, just enough food, a stove, a sleeping bag.

Because the less we have, the farther we go and the more we notice. There’s a spontaneous swim at 8,500 feet. Morning oatmeal above timberline. Explosions of glacier lily and paintbrush. Wild windy nights, yellow moon illuminating pink heather. Elk tracks criss-crossing the snowpack.

The wonders that happen when we remember to pack light. (Especially when it comes to writing.)

Queen for a Day

Queen for a Day

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 8.53.49 PM

“You have a lot of queen energy,” Star says.
“Like a queen on the Scottish moors.”
She paints a feathery design on my forehead.
  A bird or headdress or crown.

I’m at a retreat in Topanga, California. Sipping wine outside in March.

Having my face painted by an intuitive body painter.

Who talks to me about the queen.
Something in me resonates.
I tell Star, “Yes, that kind of feels right.”
And then something else butts in.
“Wait a minute, I’m the scullery maid, not the queen.
I provide the service. I am not royal.”

This very flip is what I often experience with clients after a Golden Thread session-
after your stories have revealed the truth of your essence.

And it is hard to stay there. It is so easy to drift back to what’s familiar.
I so get it.
Like this. It feels good to walk and breathe like a
queen with this paint on my face. Not too long after the retreat,
however, the scullery maid comes knocking at my door.
It takes muscle to keep her out. She’s so familiar.
I want to share with you something I wrote in my journal
in the moment when I did feel like a queen.
Not because I want to dump random journal-writing on you.
But because I want to encourage you to explore and claim your true essence. Really, take courage.
If I can share this, you can SO share yours!
I am a Queen.
I am the blue flame of clear expression. Dreamer and seer.
I am here to awaken you to the story of you. Of all that you are.
My kingdom is expression. I sit on a simple throne of earth, water and wood. I was born in mud.
Crowned by experience. Dripping details, intuition, inspiration. Alchemy. Pulling pearls from your dreams.
Polishing diamonds from your coal.
My heart opens more each time I listen.
I take in. I let go.
I let a tear fall–and paint the spot silver.
It’s part of me. It’s part of you.
Nothing to fear. So much room.
Together we step into the old, the new and this royal moment.


Ok, now it’s your turn. 
I’ve got an invitation for you:
If you’d like to learn how you can discover your life’s Golden Thread
and tap into YOUR Queen for a Day essence—
click the link below to schedule your complimentary 30-minute call.

Here’s to you.

The very essence of you.